Brian Bovard

Brian Bovard

Florida Gulf Coast University, The Water School
Assistant Professor

Educator, Researcher

Dr. Brian Bovard is an Assistant Professor of Wetland Ecology in the Department of Ecology and Environmental Studies within Florida Gulf Coast University’s Water School. He acts as a community partner with the Naples Botanical Garden working on projects related to the use of native species in green infrastructure designs and plant conservation. Brian’s teaching and research interests focus on ecological responses to climate change, the role of mangrove ecosystems in the global carbon cycle, and the use of native plant species in coastal restoration and plant conservation projects. He is also working on developing approaches that use remotely sensed information to assess mangrove ecosystem functions and services over larger spatial scales.

Brian has a BA in Biology from West Virginia University and a PhD in Plant Physiological Ecology from Duke University

The Need for Natives Now


Opening session Welcome with leaders from FANN, Naples Botanical Garden and Florida Gulf Coast University Water School and FGCU Continuing Education & Skills Academy. Today, everywhere we look, we see escalating environmental problems that can be readily addressed with more and better choices of plants: water supply and quality, soil health and erosion, stormwater and […]

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