After Hurricane Ian: Native Plant Performance



Florida DBPR Board of Landscape Architecture 1 optional CE course # 0013825
ISA Certified Arborist
FNGLA Certified Professional


Industry panel discussion of native plant performance after Hurricane Ian. The panel includes local experts who have had the opportunity to observe directly how native and other plants fared in landscaped and natural settings in coastal and inland locations after Ian. The intricacies and differences in damage from various levels of storm surge and wind damage will be discussed as well as expected changes to soils after a storm. Participants will learn about various biological adaptations that native plants have evolved to survive storms and hear about expected growth rates and the anticipated timeline for plant recovery following a storm event Attendees will gain insight into native plant selection and installation considerations in our hurricane prone state, as well as best practices for maintaining and replacing native vegetation following such a catastrophic event.

Moderated by FANN President Jenny Evans, Adult Education Director at Sanibel-Captiva Conservation Foundation and former manage of the SCCF Native Landscapes & Garden Center.

Additional References

Post-Hurricane Ian Replanting Guide, SCCF Native Landscapes & Garden Center, December 2022
FNGLA certified professional ISA Cert Arborist LA CE credits Landscaping Plants