Pruning Native Trees and Shrubs, When and How: Part 1


Introduction to Native Tree and Shrub Pruning

It is important to understand pruning basics, to recognize good and bad pruning techniques, and to understand how these relate to selection of native species. Instructors will review tree pruning terminology, basic tree pruning principles and best practices, introduce the Florida Grades & Standards, and discuss pruning techniques generally, particularly in the context of the FANN Favorites Twenty Native Plants for South Florida 2023.


Florida DBPR Board of Landscape Architecture 1 optional CE course #0013829

ISA Certified Arboris

FNGLA Certified Professional


  • Tree pruning terminology
  • Basic tree pruning principles and best practices
  • Grades & Standards – introduction
  • Select native species, pruning techniques
FANN Credential FNGLA certified professional ISA Cert Arborist LA CE credits Plants