Credential Garden Walk A


Exclusively for preregistered microcredential program participants. Led by FANN board members and Naples Botanical Garden staff.

IMPORTANT: Check your email for your pre-assigned time. Do not be late. Check in at the Kapnick Center.

8:30am & 10:00am Wednesday Oct 18 – departs 15 minutes ahead of time from patio

8:00am & 9:30am Thursday Oct 19 – departs 15 minutes ahead of time from patio


Learn from and engage with your peers, who will offer tips on identifying, using and maintaining the plants listed below in landscape setting. This is not a lecture. Expect to be questioned and participate in the conversation.


Ardisia escalloniodes

Chrysobalanus icaco ‘Horizontal’

Citharexylum spinosum

Coccothrinax argentata

Eugenia foetida

Lantana involucrata

Myrcianthes fragrans

Psychotria ligustrifolia

Randia aculeata

Senna mexicana var. chapmanii

Thrinax radiata

ALL CREDENTIAL PARTICIPANTS: Be sure to check out Cinnecord and Little Psycho on the patio on your own.


FDACS Certified Applicators: 4.0 maximum in Ornamental & Turf, Limited Urban Fertilizer, Limited Landscape Maintenance or Limited Lawn & Ornamental. Pick up signed sheet from FANN table.

FNGLA, ISA and landscape architecture CEs (4 optional credits, course 0013828) available upon completion.

FANN Credential FNGLA certified professional LA CE credits Landscaping Plant ID Selection Use Plants