FANN-FGCU Microcredential Field Demonstration Module


This activity for microcredential program participants only.

Be sure to pick up your base site map in advance from FANN staff.

Show what you know now! Develop a conceptual landscape plan using some or all of the FANN Favorites South Florida Native Plants for 2023.

At 3:00pm Thursday, Oct. 19, head out to see a site on Garden property that needs the benefit of your newly developed knowledge! Use what you’ve learned about FANN’s Favorite South Florida Native Plants for 2023 to landscape this site. You’ll need to identify species to be used, quantities and container sizes to be installed and plant spacing for installation, and provide brief narrative as to why you made the selections you did. You’ll have up to two weeks to develop your conceptual plan and submit via your FGCU Canvas app account.


FNGLA, ISA and landscape architecture CEs (4 optional credits, course 0013828) available upon completion.
Design FANN Credential FNGLA certified professional LA CE credits Landscaping Plant ID Selection Use Plants