Black Ironwood, Krugiodendron ferreum

Michelle Phelps of Native Tree Nursery with Black Ironwood specimen at show

Michelle Phelps of Native Tree Nursery shows off a containerized Black Ironwood specimen.

This beautiful, long lived, evergreen small tree or large shrub definitely deserves a place in more South Florida yards and roadsides. As a specimen or wildlife tree, it reaches 15-25 feet high, typically taller than it is wide. Black Ironwood is known for having one of the densest woods of any North American native trees, and this helps to make it wind and storm tolerant. Found naturally in coastal hammocks from Brevard County soth, it prefers moist to dry, well-drained soils that are calcareous or high pH. Drought tolerant once established. The tree’s black fruits are eaten by birds.

Institute for Regional Conservation info for Black Ironwood

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